Yes, you could really use some extra help for your business. It’s not like you have extra bucks in your pocket to hire assistants but hiring skilled people in an affordable price to do your job. Grooming and teaching employees to convert them from starter to pro level employees takes time and money.

What if you have to spend less money and ‘zero time’ to receive same skilled work? Wouldn’t that be great?

Why go for Virtual Assistant Service?

Outsourcing services is a popular trick in business. Entrepreneurs who manage to outsource services and resources gracefully, stay ahead in the competition. If you need administrative assistants, but don’t have space, office or equipment to employ people, you are bound to outsource the services.


But thankfully, you don’t have to rob a bank to outsource employees. Most of the Virtual services offer their services in an affordable service. You can hire skilled assistance for less than 50 bucks/month. Isn’t it great?

VA service is more reliable than Freelancing

Virtual assistant services can help you in almost any task. Companies offering VA services have a large talent pool than any ordinary organization. You will certainly find the “appropriate assistant” from this vast pool. You have to give them the power to run significant section of your business and “trust” them. Generally, the virtual assistant service provider organizations are more trust worthy than it sounds like. Unlike freelancers, they are very professional and offers a money-back guarantee, which is very rare. 24/7 customer service or assistance makes it only better than freelance services. Even, sometimes you will find free trial offers valid for 7 to 30 days. However, unlike freelancers, you will never have the opportunity to learn about the portfolios or the identity of the individual VA employees. The VA service providers offer more skill sets than the freelancers do. On the other hand, the freelancers never offer money-back guarantees. You may reach the freelancers on specific hours/days, but VA service providers are 24/7 available.

While you sign up for a VA service, you can outsource multiple tasks from them, but you may need to hire different freelancers for different tasks. So, always try to make best choices for your business and outsource wisely that can boost your business.

Top 12 Virtual Assistant Services that you can have under affordable price tag

  1. Updating and maintaining CRMs as well as databases is one of the primary services that have to be provided by the VA Services.
  2. Data Entry with Accuracy can uplift your business in no time.
  3. Social media management is one of the important services that you have to outsource from the VAs to improve your marketing and promotional strategy.
  4. Content management is crucial, as without genuine and creative content it is hard to rank in Google SERP.
  5. Blog set up and writing is a creative task that you have to outsource. With VAs you can outsource quality blogs easily.
  6. Creating and monitoring social ads is a responsible task, hence it is better to trust the VAs as they are the pro in this job.
  7. Forum commenting and monitoring requires huge time. VA support is essential here to save time and money!
  8. Email management is a technical task; it is time-consuming and boring. So, the best way is to take help from VAs.
  9. Web page SEO is a critical job and you do need experienced people to handle this. VA service is just perfect for this job.
  10. Designing and formatting logos and social media images are frequently outsourced by the entrepreneurs. You don’t have to pay employees full time for these supportive tasks.
  11. 24/7 customer support is important for your customers. With VAs your customer support will remain open for 24 hours across any time zone.
  12. Take help from the VAs for newsletter set up. They are experienced and know this task well.

8 Qualities that you will find in a VA service provider:

  • Advance Support:

    The VA service providers should be tip toed when it comes to the support services. An ideal VA service provider should offer 24/7 active support over the phone, chat, and resolve customers’ issues with priority.

  • Regular meeting with clients:

    An ideal VA service provider should conduct meeting with the service users within a certain time of interval. It helps to resolve communication gaps and enhance business reliability.

  • Maintenance:

    A good maintenance service is one of the best qualities that should be detected within the VA service providers.

  • Analyze:

    the Only good analytical mind can evaluate the business needs and guide the customers to improve their business. Hence, the Virtual Assistant services need to possess a good analytical mind.

  • Creative idea:

    Virtual Assistants with creative minds can match the business needs of a start-up or growing business. If your VAs is generating new ideas, they are actually contributing to your business improvement.

  • Service Quality:

    Good service quality means higher benefits of the entrepreneur. Hence, better service quality is always preferred.

  • Team Work:

    Teamwork is essential to improve business standards. When the VA team is working collaboratively, you don’t have to think twice about the business growth.

  • Reliability:

    A Virtual Assistant service provider should be reliable and knows its business.

Sum Up

A lot of business persons are doing multitasking and efficiently trying to prove that they are superman. But, in reality, multitasking is harming the business. It doesn’t matter how “cool” it sounds the word “multitasking”, but it is hurting the service or product quality.

There is nothing wrong to take help from a trustworthy source. Take help from the VAs and you will see the difference. A good VA support is the secret reason behind the great business hack.


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