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Internet marketing is boon to the businesspersons. If you are up to create an extensive marketing strategy then you have to consider social media management services (SMM). The social media management is one of the valuable tools, using which you can reach the target audiences easily. How? The answer is using social media as marketing platform. Although, it sound very easy, in practical it is tougher than you can imagine. The first and foremost obstacle (rather problem) is to generate high quality contents for promotion in regular basis. The second problem is to promote the content like anything (make it viral!).

In WMG we follow a five steps procedure to achieve to help those who need it.

  • Step1: Tell us your business story and business goals
  • Step2: We will develop marketing strategy based on your goals
  • Step3: Review the marketing strategy with us and approve the best
  • Step4: We will launch campaign and start monitoring response in social media
  • Step5: We will offer you monthly report.

History of Social Media Management

Many people have misconception that the term “social media management service” surrounds Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. But, the truth is, social media management did exist before Facebook was even born. Currently, the social media marketing is booming. If your business doesn’t have any social media account then you are invisible to so many people that you can hardly imagine. The social media management started with the launching of first social media site “six degrees” in 1997. But, initially there was limited scope to use this social media in marketing. In 2001, StumbleUpon was launched, which created a promising platform for the marketers to reach common people. In 2002, Friendster was launched but it was not in buzz. On the contrary, Linkedin (2003) created a platform to introduce the employees with the job seekers. It is still a good social media for marketing and promotion. The launching of Facebook (2004) was evolutionary. However, it was exclusive to Harvard until 2006. Similarly, the launching of YouTube can be considered as a turning point in SMM history. Twitter made the entrance in 2006 and instantly gets priority as the best social media for marketing and promotion. The launching of Tumbler (2007), Instagram (2010), G+ (2011), Pinterest (2012) and periscope (2015) broadened the opportunity in social marketing services.

Key features SMM service

  • Cost effective – This process is highly cost effective, as you don’t have to pay to publish your advertisements but pay only when the viewer clicks on your advertisements. For example, you have to pay $5 per click for Twitter and $1 per click for Facebook, while the costing for traditional media is way much more.
  • Reach large target audience within short time – Social media management services offer you a chance to reach a bulk amount of target audiences within very short time. More than 70% of people have accounts in different social media, which offers privilege to interact with social media audiences directly.
  • Better Demographic target – If you are intended to target people of specific ages, culture, religion, or jobs, then social media is the easiest and shortcut way to reach a particular population. You can also do personal promotions on social media for Zero bucks.
  • Branding – If you have target to create branding within short time then the social media management can offer you the chance to do so at minimum cost. Social media benefits you by building impression and launching products.

What we offer?

  • Open accounts in popular social media – Social profile management is our expertise. We open and control different social media accounts for our clients.
  • Creating unique contents – We have expert content developers who offer social content services for the promotion of clients’ products and services.
  • Regular posting in social media – We post new ideas on regular basis in different social media on behalf of our clients, which also influence SEO.
  • Engaging with the potential customers – We engage with the potential customers who like or show interests on the posted contents to convert them into loyal buyers.
  • Conduct Survey – We conduct surveys with Survey Monkey on behalf of the clients. It helps to analyze the popularity of certain products or services.
  • Answer Customer query – We address customer queries fast and pass the concern to the clients and answerback to the customers within 24hrs in any social platform.

Why choose us?

    • Vast knowledge about SMM – We have vast knowledge about social media management services and thereby uplift the client’s business to global standard.
    • Create branding – Our social media idea planners help to create branding for the clients. We always customize social calendars for each client according their business model and target audience.
    • Unique contents – Unique and attractive contents are the ideal baits to catch maximum viewers and convert them into buyers. This is exactly what we do in WMG.
    • Affordable Package – We offer all of the social media management services in an affordable package for the clients.