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About PPC

Online advertising of the websites have reached a new level. As per the “traditional” concept, web page traffic could be generated by attracting the viewers with the help of relevant contents. But, PPC is the newest trick added to the list that can also help you to generate traffic. PPC stands for pay-per-click method. It is literally a bypass method to avoid the long-term competition or fight to reach the first page of Google search result. The PPC management services can help you to skip the long queue and reach target audiences easily. Now there is a “but.” You can skip the competition with PPC ‘but’ there is a price to pay. In pay per click advertising, you have to pay the search engine each time anyone click your advertisement. In simple words, you are “buying” traffic for your website.

How it works?

The simplest way to understand PPC management service is to understand the use of Google adwords management. In Google adwords you have to publish your advertisements which will run by Google in different adwords pages. Now, when any visitor clicks your advertisement, you have to pay to Google. Google adwords offer you for four types of ad campaigns, such as Search Network with Display Select, Search Network only, Display Network only, Shopping, Video and Universal App Campaign. You can find similar options for other search engines. The rates or price of per clicks depends on the quality score. The quality score depends on the relevance of the advertisements and the web pages. The PPC management services of WMG help to increase the quality score and thereby reducing the cost of pay per impression advertisements.

History of PPC

The history of PPC started with the end of 19th century when Planet Oasis launched the first version of PPC advertising. In April 1996, Yahoo made its first IPO at $13 per share. The new feature “pay-per-click” was applied by In 2000, powers paid listings on other sites, but they excluded Google. In 2004, Google made its first public offering at $85 per share. In 2006, Yahoo’s IPO reached $43/share, which was highest. In 2009, Google started advertising in mobiles through AdMob. After that, Google become the largest platform for paid advertisements. Currently, Google holds ~65% of the total market share of online market In USA. Therefore, being the Chicago based PPC service experts in the WMG, we mainly focus on Google adwords as well as Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and AOL sites.

Key features of this service

  • Assurance of traffic increaseThe PPC advertising or CPM advertising assures the increase of traffic of your website. When a search engine advertises a particular product, it generates significant traffic flow.
  • Payable serviceNo doubt, pay per click advertising is a payable service. You have to pay the respective search engine when anyone clicks on your advertisements.
  • Reaching target audience within short timeWith pay per impression advertising, you can reach maximum number of target audiences within very short time.
  • You don’t have to pay to publish advertisementsWhile using PPC management services the client has full privilege not to pay a single buck to publish the advertisement but pay only when an audience shows interest to the advertisement.
  • It is cost effectiveFor PPC management services, you don’t have to spend extra bucks to boost advertisements. The search engines do it all for Free! So you are saving more with PPC than the traditional media advertisements.

What we offer?

  • Decrease cost for per clickOur PPC management experts deal with the search engine and decrease the cost per click rate at its minimum.
  • High Quality scoreThe PPC experts in WMG make the advertisements most relevant to the website while keeping it utmost attractive. It helps to achieve high quality score of an advertisement and thereby decreasing its cost.
  • Deal with biddingBidding is always an expert’s job. We have experts who bid for the clients and try to keep the PPC rate at lowest point.
  • Expert advice about PPCIf you have limited or absolutely “zero” knowledge about PPC, it’s alright. We will be your personal advisor and will answer your every query.

Why choose us?

  • Best PPC expertsWe are the best PPC management service experts who help you to pay lowest bill per click on advertisements.
  • 24/7 online helpdeskOur helpdesk is 24/7 open to help our clients out from any issues. We will answer your every query in any time.
  • Target traffic achievement within short timeOur PPC management experts ensure significant traffic increase in the client’s website within a short period.
  • Securing Lowest price for PPCWe have competent bidders. Our bidders take responsibilities to secure lowest price for PPC.