30 Mar 2017

Importance of Content

Content refers to a categorized writing, which is well articulated in favor of any opinion that crops in blogger’s mind on a respective subject. Content normally deals with the breadth of an idea. A well-thought topic that is unique in nature, demands the attention of site viewers. It also includes the implication of creative thought process.
Writing audible content is considered as a peak aspect for every SEO Strategy.

An Intriguing Message

Whether the aim of content is to entertain, aware, inform or even to induce people it requires to write in simple texts. Texts that are poorly written fail to reach more audience. The audience simply won’t understand the message, which is intended to be conveyed through the content.

Every blog post depicts an art of conveying some message. This message speaks of a purpose or an intention of what the blogger or a socially responsible content writer wishes to convey. A message can be very simple or may have deeper thought. An article on an organization’s website can inform people about the features of services, which helps to attract the customers.

Why is it important for you?

  • Higher position in SERP

If contents are intriguing as well as carefully crafted to seek user attention then there are much higher chances that readers will actually tend to stay on-site to read more. Only a well-informed content can seek the attention of the readers. Developing information rich creative contents with appropriate keywords can boost SEO and help a website to hold a better position in the search engine results. In other words, unique and keyword rich contents are used by the SEO service providers as a tool to increase organic traffic.

  • Gaining Reliability

A well-articulated piece of writings or blogs gains more readers reliability. If the quality of content is well thought of and free from typological errors, then it is more justified and logical. Reliability of a content influences readers to start believing and trusting a blog. If they trust a blog then there are higher chances of showing interest for future updates.

  • Gaining Media Limelight

Well-crafted blog posts are more obvious and eligible to be shared on Social Media or being a hot topic of discussion among society. Henceforth, a well-crafted content could be used as a marketing tool. This content marketing tool is popularly used by almost all types of entrepreneurs.

But, how do you make contents/blogs that can gain media limelight? In order to make a blog or an articulated research a hot media topic, a blogger should have the capability of convincing readers to read it. Moreover and most importantly, someone has to think that the posted article is awesome enough to be shared on Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media sites). The fact is, readers won’t share weak bagged posts on their social media channels because they have already found it to be boring.

Strategy to Create Great Contents

Content Marketing is itself a challenging task for marketing services providing organization. It is very easy to create content and unlike old-school promotion methods, there are almost no barriers to produce high-quality contents.

Unfortunately, many organizations rush to get on with the content marketing flow with little concern for strategies or long-term goals. This ultimately results in very poor quality content that does not meet long-term motives or challenges. This type of activity gets poor marks for less intellectual input concerning strategy and more of a scrap-generated effort.

Before deciding on plausible steps concerning creating content, an organization has to determine what are their long-term goals and what means are taken at their disposal in achieving them.

Strategy #1: Understanding Readers needs

While creating great contents you should attempt to understand your targeted audience and their specific requirements. An organization should not have a sticky sales approach to latch upon readers but always stay ahead in analyzing “How we can best serve our audience who are listening”. You should provide appropriate content aimed to meet the readers and an effort to transform them to regular paying clients.

Different readers have different taste and aspirations. You require analyzing readers, mind state and likewise, you should engage in designing your contents in tune with that. If your readers’ needs are a bit unusual you should take necessary steps in keeping up with such striking conscious and unconscious expectations of the readers.

You have to understand better your audience and their preferences.

Strategy #2: Creating and framing Contents

Update contents based on the needs of the customers. In order to create a strong presence in leading social media forums like Facebook, Twitter to name a few you have to frame and publish contents ahead of time generating huge buzz among the potential customers or service users.

One should exercise strategic content marketing, which is accounted for control and audit before venturing out and go public. Likewise, you also tend to review the Strategies instrumental for Content Marketing and figure out how you can revise these policies for the upcoming time period and set new goals to attain to.

Following are the Tools that are mostly used to understand the users and tuned with them-

  • SPUN for iPhone

SPUN is a great app for us to gain new insights on horizons of content management with its magnificent interface that engages the best of the web from millions of available websites. It also covers micro-blogging and social networking websites like Tumblers, Audio video Medias like YouTube channels and other online magazines and blogs.

  • Feedly

You can easily keep track of trendy and catchy topics in Web Marketing Industry by the use of a popular RSS feed – Feedly. It helps efficient Content Writers to gain content insights.

Feedly has become one of the best alternatives for RSS having reached out to more than 10 million users.

  • Quora

Quora is another source to better understand and gain insights for contents. A popular social network like Quora definitely paves a platform for intellectual questionnaires, plausible answers, and discussions. Key Accounts trends from FAQs to inform our content creation efforts.

  • Twitter

You can also gain content writing and development insights from Twitter via its search enabled for “Trending on twitter”, which help you to explore worldwide popular aspects or gathering news and gaining insights on the content subject from a specific region.

Strategy #3: Adding spice to ideas

Content writers require to spice up their contents with different ideas. Passion and enthusiasm are important to manage contents. One of the most valuable sources of idea flow is crowdsourcing. You should gather inputs by enrolling services of a large number of people either paid or unpaid via internet medium.

Crowdsourcing is a definite sourcing Business Model where you have the opportunity to use contributed articles from internet savvies or users to collaborate and obtain much needed inspiring ideas. Crowdsourcing helps to promote contents in the form of competing with ideas and innovations in the form of events.

Strategy #4: Engaging with empathy

The content writers should take special caution in not depending too heavily on verbal referrals. Always stay connected with the customers. One should try to avoid direct sales pitch or any content that does not make our audience wonder.

Always remember- the inception has been created by your readers, followers, and blog fans who have made you what you seek to stand out to be.

How to Search for a unique topic?

You have to keep your eyes open for any catchy topics that are readily available on the social media forum. Our Society is changing at a rapid space and so are we. Therefore, we consider it is important to stay tuned with the fast-paced changed society. From a critic’s point of view, a society may grow but not necessarily be developed. This analysis pointing a difference between societal growth and development provokes thought within us. So, we tend to create a culture of debate or discuss by means of our contents and blogs.Google has been a great help to us in hunting for catchy, trendy news on the web.

Use following five easy steps to find out most interesting and unique topic for your content-

  1. Analyze news

The ideal content writers should have watchful eyes on the current newsfeeds. Whenever any interesting news catches their watchful and hungry eyes, they not only just hover through the news sucking every detail but also tend to analyze the news content. No doubt, it is very challenging. Monitoring every detail of the tailored news can be time-consuming but it yields tremendous results.

However, reading news is one thing and methodically examines its ambiance is another. As people drops comments by, you have the opportunity to evaluate the psychic part of such audience and try to find out the link or any picture being missed out.

Analysis paves the way to fill the gap of culture.

  1. Learn The Audience’s Reaction

We suggest you analyze every relevant comment left by the audiences under the posts or news. You simply cannot stop where news stops; you should continue your journey with the analysis of comments and discussions of people who reacted or responded to posts/news.

The reaction of people to news helps to calibrate the thought process of indulging the crispy sensational desire-to-create a content outcome. Responses of people to news helps to find any missing picture or gap thereby articulating a fact figure in carving out an article, which creates a new sensation among the audiences.

  1. Using Q and A Sites

Some Q&A sites like Quora enable us to search for a unique article or hot gossip to bring out intending audiences who has put forward some questions that are valuable in nature. You should stay tuned to such questions with reference to some article on the web, in order to deduce the worth of a topic or content. This Q&A site acts as a magic wand for us to create intriguing articles that will pass in the eye of the valuable audiences to follow.

Even on Pinterest, whenever you fish through hot topics, keep in mind to look for comments, replies of people and try to deduce in the same way that any articles worth. Pinterest enables us to use “save” option that also acts as sticky notes for us to research further before brainstorming for a unique topic.

  1. Responding to Opportunities

We even indulge in fishing on topics that our field competitors have already executed and promoted. Purpose? – The purpose is attaining perfection. Here we suggest responding to others’ research, analyzing the breadth of the idea and the depth of the content. Being responsive, you should research prior to delivery. You can gain insights from the competitors and always try to resurrect any catchy vertical from such old topics and tailor to create a new sensation from them. In short, it is churning out a new edge even from a piece of gravel that we find from the archival research works (Old Topics) of the competitors.

Every old research is an opportunity for us to break the ice. As discussed, gain insights from established catchy contents on social media forum and try to explore the gap. While in automation, you can engage to create a brainstorming content that is new and useful.

  1. Acquire Top Talents

Fresh ideas pave the way to think out of the box. You should hire fresh minds, inquisitive research capability, energetic, willing to go with the flow type talents. Engage them in the process of brainstorming to come up with a unique idea pre-framing contents. Such people act as driving force for the eminent organizations in the process of collaborative thinking, researching and delivering value in the form of No-Plagiaristic Content.

We recommend creating contents that are always fresh out of the water because it’s a product of collaborative and unique thinking. You should engage in inspiring featured writers. You may or may not make the bonding through a legal contract or tender across the globe to welcome diversified thinking and projection patterns concerning new initiatives to elevate your position in the field of Fresh Content Promotion.

Check Your Content Originality

Content Fraudulency is a breach of readers’ trust. Plagiarism is a wrongful act of completely stealing the intellectual effort of other writer and expressing the stolen product as one’s own creation.

Plagiarism is the shadow of dishonesty and a breach of Content Promotion ethics. Plagiarism if concealed and later on if it is exposed then it constitutes an undermined act of violating governed laws of Copyright. In industry, it is a serious offense. This is the subject to punitive measures under-governed law that can cause suspension, revoking work permit or even termination of employment contract.

Popular Tools to check content originality-

  • PlagScan

Service software available online used by established academic as well as Business Practicing premises to detect Content Fraudulency.

  • iThenticate

Content Fraudulency Detection software used by Corporates’, Limitedly Liable Organizations etc.

  • Copyscape

It is online content fraudulent detection e-service (product software). Copyscape is the most common tool used by Professional Content Writers to detect cases of content plagiarism.

In addition to all these, Google anti-content fraudulent enabled software are omnipresent there in the web browser forum. Being omnipresent, Google has been doing a wonderful job in conducting an e-awareness program to save from the snitch behavioral tendencies of plagiarists.

Thought Summary

Content writing is a creative work so write what your instinct tells you. However, you need to follow a set of strategies to create best contents that indulge your website viewers to transform into potential customers. Gaining attention from the viewers is not an easy task. Try the aforementioned strategies to develop high-quality contents easily. However, don’t forget to check the content originality because the only original content is the first step for creating branding.






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