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Featured snippet is the neat summary of information that pop up in a separate box placed above the top ten search results in Google page. Technically, a webpage that ranks in Google answer box actually ranks before the #1 position. So, you can also call it #0 ranking.

Google has launched Featured Snippet to inform the viewer in the better way since 2014. After one year of the experiment, Google made the dominance of Featured Snippet. They also showed that the #0 ranking is actually boosting CTR.
Initially, Google showed featured snippets only for “popular people” or “popular places.”



This Google answer box on SERP offers limited but useful information to identify Elon Musk. However; now, Google is offering featured snippets for almost every type of search queries. So, if you want to find real examples of featured snippets, just ask a “What and How to questions”




Why should you care for Featured Snippets?

Yes, Google is now offering featured snippet to answer the queries of the viewers in a better way. But, then why should you take interest in this matter?There are three reasons to chase the #0 position.

  • Beat the competition

When people are searching with keywords, they may end up with two types (in respect of SEO) of rich snippets. First, they can get a snippet from the same website, which is ranking in #1 position. And the second type is, they find a snippet from a website, which is actually holding #3 to #5 position.


When we asked Google, “What is WordPress multisite?”, Google offered a snippet from wpbeginner.com, which also ranks #1 position.


But, when we asked Google, “what is HDMI cable?”, Google pick snippet from YouTube, which is actually ranking #3 position.

So, you can see, while targeting the Google featured snippets, you can automatically beat the competition. To reach the #0 position, it is not mandatory to achieve #1 position in Google SERP.

  • Surprisingly Prevalent

According to Moz, Google is currently offering featured snippets of the 11% queries that consist keywords from their data set (~10,000 keywords). At the early years, the ratio was only 2%.


From the above graph offered by Moz states that in past year, featured snippets’ prevalence increased by X5 since launch. So, if you are targeting SEO for featured snippet now, you have better future.

  • More Organic Traffic

Optimization for Google featured snippets took significant attention of the SEOs. From several studies, it is reflected that the implementation of featured snippet actually boost CTR. From the case study published by Glenn Gabe (2015), it is found that loss of #0 position on a competitive keyword cost them lots of organic traffic. According to the case study, within two weeks, this particular company lost more than 39K clicks.

On the other hand, a larger study was conducted by HubSpot in February 2016. Their study reflected that holding to the #0 position boosted CTR by 114%, even if they were already holding #1 organic position.
Therefore, it can be claimed that Google answers box may be playing a significant role in increasing more organic traffic.
There are various SEO service providers, who are competing head to head to rank their client in #1 position. But, being the best SEO services in Chicago, we bypass this competition and play a smarter trick by simply optimizing our clients for the #0 position.

Follow These 7 Easy Steps to Rank for Featured Snippets

  1. Find your page that can run for featured snippets

If your current aim is to hit the Google direct answers (featured snippet), your first step should include the selection of the appropriate page. You are lucky if you already have a great post that rank within top five on Google SERP.
If you don’t, then study the top contents on a target keyword and make something better than them that worth for ranking.

  1. Find simple and popular question

The second step may be a little bit tricky. You have to find the proper question or basic questions that are usually asked by users in forums and online platform. Selection of an appropriate question based on a keyword is important as your website is going to rank on the direct answer of the same.

  1. Place your keyword wisely

While developing headline, you can use different heading tags, such as H1, H2, and H3. To prepare a perfect headline for the answer create the question that includes keyword. If your keyword is “SEO services”, then the ideal heading for snippet may look like-


  1. Offer a direct and neat answer

Google is always looking for answers that perfectly meet the user’s query. So, if your post offer a direct answer to the query including sufficient information and your pageis already on the Google SERP, then you are definitely going to be selected for the featured snippet.

It is important that you should place your answers at the top of or near the top position of the page. It helps Google to find you easily. According to Hubspot, the ideal length of an answer should be within 54 to 58 words. The answer should be descriptive, clear and sound logical. You can also use bullets, graphs, and images.

  1. Make your answer information rich

Add valuable and relevant information in the answer. Incorporation of valuable information with appropriate keywords can boost your SEO. In order to stay in the advantageous position, we recommend you to use thoughtful diagram, videos, and statistics (if possible). These are extremely helpful to offer insight to the content and make it valuable to Google. The point of making information rich contents is to help the users so that they become impressed and share your content and link to you.

  1. Check your HTML Codes

If you are using WordPress or other CMSs that generate automatic HTML codes, then it’s OK. Otherwise, we ask you to follow the following steps-

Paragraph: Make sure of using <p> tags

Bullet List: Make sure of using <ol> tags

Number list: Make sure of using <ol class=“list”> tags

Table: Make sure of using <table> tags

  1. Maintain SERP

In order to rank for featured snippets, you need to maintain a good position on the first page. Keep checking on the content quality and SEO to stay on the first page of SERP. If you manage to place the page within first five results, then you have higher possibilities to get the #0 position.

Thought Summary 

Popping up on the first page of SERP result is the key mantra to increase organic traffic. Now, a head to head fight is going to come up at the #1 position of the SERP result. However, targeting the #0 position in Google SERP is easier and may be a smarter move to boost CTR.

If you maintain your position within first five search results in Google then you don’t have to fight to get #1 position but to reach #0 position for more organic traffic!



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