Career at Web Marketing Guru

Manpower is the most important part of an organization. An organization’s prosperity depends on its workforce. At Web Marketing Guru, we specifically take care of our efficient workforce who works with a great zeal and enthusiasm while utilizing their talent and creativity, confronting every challenge with ease. Happy and contented employee always render his/her best for the organization. That is why, our company promotes a good work culture, different programs and benefits for each and every employee. We offer a great career growth prospect and exposure to various domains which helps to build a strong career portfolio for all employees. Our association with top notch client both domestic and international gives our employees to work in vivid projects which enable them to learn while earning.

Why join us?

Human resource is the cornerstone of any organization. An organization’s prosperity relies on its work power. The Web Marketing Guru has an efficient workforce. The employees are enthusiastic as well as dedicated. The employees are recognize for their work efficiency.
Young employees carry fresh thoughts and creativity to match the dynamic competitive market. Therefore, we encourage fresher to join Web marketing guru and share the glory of international working culture.
Domestic and international clients are associated with this reputed organization. Hence, employees have opportunity to learn something new and extend knowledge boundary. Join Web Marketing Guru today and test your work efficiency on the global platform.

Facilities that are available in Web Marketing Guru:

  • Latest PCs, devices and updated software
  • Customized secured Linux Gateway- Firewall
  • Auto back-up of files and documents, no fear of losing crucial data.
  • Multiple ISP’s on fiber optic (fail safe ring architecture for redundancy and SLA with the ISP’s to office 24X7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee)
  • Secure VPN connectivity with client (as required)
  • Battery back- up
  • Captive generators
  • 24X7 technical support
  • Individual ID for every employee, camera installed for security,
  • Daily shift of 9 hours for each employee with breaks in between, encouraging different activities and knowledgeable sessions to break the monotony of stressful work.

All work and no play make life boring. Hence we organize several indoor and outdoor activities which help remain stress free. Office picnics, sports day, annual function, cultural events, birthday celebrations are all part of our work life.

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