Cast – Anne Hathaway.
Country – USA.
9,4 of 10 stars.
Writed by – Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan.
Christopher Nolan

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I waited with great anticipation for this movie and was sorely and truly disappointed. I don’t understand where the 10 reviews came from? What planet were they on! Perhaps they were from viewers from the other side of the worm hole or black hole! I have been a sci fi fan for many years but this movie took a leave from all logical or good sci fi explanations. Plot was ambiguous. Storyline convoluted. Technology was not linear. One sees a 20th century Saturn V lifting the crew up to a 22nd century space craft. Sleep pods with crew jumping into them like they are going for a nap! Exploratory craft that operate like a Star War’s movie. Landing on a water world with some silly time dilation theme that doesn’t affect craft in orbit? Can’t these people survey the world from orbit? Black holes, 5 dimensions with metaphysical connection! Shameless referrals to 2001. It was embarrassing. On and on for way too long. Han Zimmer’s music score was good with a few good special effects. But that was it.

It might sound arrogant, what i wrote in the summary field, but unfortunately this film misses many aspects of common sense. Given it was a Nolan film I did expect more than this but I think he may be slipping somewhat (the bat bike in Dark Knight Rises flipping over with its magical 360 deg wheel comes to mind.
Im not going to get into a full review about what this film is about but I will say that if you are dealing with time paradoxes, make sure you know how to address them and not say ‘ah what the hell, the audience won’t know. br>
The film has a wormhole. One that is placed aaaaalllllll the way out near Saturn by someone we don’t know (but lead to believe its evolved humans. I say, why not have the wormhole next to Earth? who knows. Did evolved humans make the wormhole? if so, how did they get off Earth to evolve and put it there?
To watch the film is nice, the space scenes are stunning and film stock nice. But, no 2001 competitor this time round.

This is my first review. I just wanted to say that this is by far my favorite movie. I’ve watched it 5 times and keep counting. Dont miss this if you love space.

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