25 Tasks an Amazon Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Most of the entrepreneurs are multi-tasking and hate to rely on others for their business. They simply wear too many hats to have overall control in their business. However, this multitasking nature often hurt business progress. How? The answer is the lack of specialization. Hiring specialized employees can improve work efficiency and accuracy. Hence, we always suggest hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants or Amazon VA. In case, if you have no earlier experience of working with e-commerce assistant here is a list of 25 tasks. These tasks are simple but hugely time-consuming. With expert Amazon virtual assistant, you can easily manage the time and tidiness of your business.

Product Sourcing with Amazon Virtual Assistants

Product Sourcing with Amazon Virtual Assistants

  1. Product Research

How many hours do you put to learn about the product research? It is a valuable step to learn about the wholesale price of the products, but with e-commerce virtual assistant, you have to spend minimum time in this matter and invest maximum time in selling products.

  1. Negotiating with the dealers

E-commerce outsourcing for negotiating with the dealers can save you a good amount of money in long run. Hiring an expert negotiator will show you how much dollars you were leaving on the table.

Hire E-Commerce Assistant for Inventory Management

Hire E-Commerce Assistant for Inventory Management

  1. Inventory Management

Managing the right amount of goods in your inventory is important to meet the market demand while excess goods in the inventory can cost you heavy bucks. E-commerce outsourcing could help in Amazon listing optimization and inventory management.

  1. Downloading Labels and Barcodes

Downloading labels and barcodes is a purely time-consuming job. Leaving this responsibility onto someone else can save your valuable time.

  1. Tracking Shipments

Worried about shipments? It is easy to hire an Amazon virtual assistant who can keep track of delivery of the shipments.

Outsourcing your Customer Service

  1. Answering back to the clients

Never overlook your customers. With virtual assistance, you will have the opportunity to stay alerted for 24/7 across all time zones and answer back the clients promptly. Good communication with the customers always has a positive impact on business.

  1. Negative feedback management

Being an e-commerce entrepreneur, you may face negative feedback now and then. Managing irate customers and their feedback is critical. We strongly advise hiring experienced VA for Amazon feedback removal and negative feedback management tasks.

  1. Commenting on positive and negative comment

Answering customers comment is important whether it is positive or negative. Your Amazon VA can help you out to write the best answers for each comment so that it reflects your active engagement and commitment to the customers.

  1. Refund or Product Replacement

Sometimes, customers may end up with defective products or unwanted products, which make them really unhappy. To deal with the consequences or refund process you need expert assistance. Ideal Amazon VA assistants inspect whether the customers’ claims are authentic and then proceed for a refund or product replacement.

  1. Follow-up

Let your customers know, how special they are to you and Amazon. Hire an Amazon VA to follow up with the customers after their first purchase from you. If it is possible, send wish on birthdays and anniversaries. Send notes if ant special offers are now in Amazon store. This is probably the easiest way to level up the business.

  1. Managing FBM Orders

If you do not confirm the orders, Amazon is not going to pay you for the orders, which means it can seriously harm your business. It is a VA’s job to stay attentive and confirm or remove each of the order to spin the wheel smoothly.

Optimize Amazon Service with a Content Writer

SEO content writting

  1. Product Description

Products with well informative description receive 60% more clicks than products with less or no descriptions. Optimize your Amazon listing with professional content writers who have knowledge of writing juicy listings.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable selling tool. Always send a well-structured but short mail to the customers informing about new products and special discounts. An experienced content writer can improve customer engagement through email marketing.

  1. Product Review

If you want to earn customer loyalty try to publish online course or an e-book on product reviews. Hire VA content writer to create unique contents on products reviews and publish as well as promote contents to attract potential customers.

Outsource professional VAs for Ads Optimization

  1. Ad-Campaign set up

Ad-campaign set up plays important part in Amazon optimization services. Setting up an ad campaign is a relatively complicated process and you need to make sure that you are not wasting money on any “uncertain experiment.” Outsourcing VA from could be an appropriate solution.

  1. Analyse Campaigns

Running ad campaign without analysis is not fruitful. You can easily outsource this task to an eligible virtual assistant with experience.

  1. Setting up negative Key Terms

While campaigning your products you may do not want to link your product with certain keywords. An Amazon VA assistant can make sure that those keywords are marked as negative keywords and your product should not be seen for those terms.

Online Sourcing VA for Social Media

  1. Growing popularity

Social media plays important role in online business and promotions. Only a social media manager can guide you towards the growth of online popularity trough massive campaign forum engagement in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and much more. Outsource social media manager to hack growth now.

  1. Better customer reach

Social media are now acting as a medium to reach a target market. If you want age specific market targeting, hire an experienced social media manager. You may have limited knowledge about social media targeting but it is the simplest and effective way; hence, we strongly advice to outsource VA.

Optimize with an SEO Specialist

optimize with an seo specialist

  1. Keyword Research and basic SEO

An assistant expertise in SEO can ensure that Google will rank your site higher based on certain keywords. If you want to stay in Google’s favorite list, then hiring an assistant might be a good option.

  1. Link Building

If you failed to add links in a proper way, your site may be penalized by Google. On the other hand, few good links in your content can increase your ranking in Google. So, it is better to leave this task to the professionals.

  1. Social Bookmarking

A virtual assistant with significant SEO knowledge knows how to get valuable backlinks for your site. Contents with good backlinks are usually prioritized by Google.

Optimize Listing Images and Site with Professional Graphic Designer

  1. Logo Design

Your website logo symbolizes you and your company. Therefore, select your logo designer wisely. You can share your idea to create a logo but it is wise to take professional help to design that logo.

  1. Infographic

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs do not take infographic seriously. What they fail to understand is, people are more attracted towards video and images/infographics than reading thousands of black and white words. Take help from professional VAs and develop good infographics to communicate relatively complex data to the audience.

  1. Listing Images

Amazon product listing services could be optimized with listing images. Products having attractive and clear pictures are tended to impress customers, more than ordinary pictures with mere descriptions. Hire qualified assistants for this job and impress the customers at first contact.


Well, as you have gone through 25 tasks that you can get from Amazon virtual assistants you may find you are capable of doing all of these tasks all by yourself. Then what is the need of hiring a virtual assistant? The point is, if you want to grow your business, you certainly need a clear head to think about marketing strategy and related things. As discussed by Alina Dizik about outsourcing of Virtual assistants in Entrepreneur India, it is easier to spend few bucks and shave hours from your workweek. Moreover, your business will be cared by the professionals.
Although in this article we are advising on hiring Amazon virtual assistant, it is also our responsibility to aware you while selecting VAs for your business. You need to find professional VAs who think and feel the same way about your business as you do. So, try to hire reputed and experienced VA instead of a new kid on the block.


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