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Why choose WordPress Themes?

WordPress is probably the most popular platform to create a website because of its extendibility. With WordPress themes, you can create different types of websites investing minimum effort. Besides, the number of themes available for WordPress is more than other CMS (Content Management Services).

However, not all of the WordPress themes are appropriate to create outstanding websites. Many novice developers make mistakes while selecting themes.

Go through following ten common mistakes that are often conducted by the developers while selecting themes so that you can avoid them.

How to avoid mistakes while choosing WordPress themes?


  1.  Choosing a theme with multiple required plugins

Many WordPress themes comes with specific plugins as ‘necessary’ to reach maximum functionality of the theme. Developers of the theme often promote additional plugins for adding value to the theme. Unfortunately, for 85% cases, we found that these additional plugins tend to cause more headache than benefits.

In 2014 thousands of the WordPress theme users faced a nightmare when Slider Revolution plugin became vulnerable. The developers failed to inform the theme users about a ‘critical update’, which led to ultimate catastrophe.

Try not repeat such mistakes again.

    2.  Choosing a complicated theme

A hefty amount of WordPress themes comes with complex layouts, multiple colors, various animations and much more. When many of these things can improve the site’s appearance, there are some of them you may not need.

Try to find a simple theme that contains functionality to fulfill your need and nothing less or nothing more. Whenever you are working on complex theme presentation, you are complicating the website design and maintenance process.

If a theme makes your site look great but don’t encourage users to subscribe to your business, then the theme is not ideal for you.

    3.  Not looking at the theme license

The license of a theme is important for the support promise. Most of the prebuilt theme for WordPress cost less than the custom-made themes. However, these themes come with three types of licensing approach:

  • One-time free with lifetime support and free update
  • Recurring per month or per annum for updates and support
  • Paid support based on ‘need’ – premium paid

Unfortunately, many free themes come with ‘no support’ from the developers. So, check the license before installing any theme.

      4.  Not considering browser compatibility of the theme

Your customers or users are accessing the website using different browsers. Your theme may have a great appearance on your browser, it could be broken in other browsers.

In simple words, if you are comfortable using Google Chrome and your theme is looking fine in Google Chrome it doesn’t mean the theme will look similar to other browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Therefore, before installing the theme check its browser compatibility in every browser possibly available.

     5.  Selecting unresponsive WordPress theme

Selecting a responsive theme is now no more an option but mandatory. Today, there is no point of developing websites that don’t fit in mobiles and tablets appropriately. The user experience is hugely dependent on the mobile responsiveness of a website.

In fact, Google is considering mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. Therefore, you are bound to choose a mobile responsive theme to make your website SEO friendly. Test themes on mobile first before considering them.

     6.  Selecting Theme without functionality

If your mind is set to create a specific website for e-commerce, photography or blogging, then never choose a general theme. There are hundreds of WordPress themes specifically developed for e-commerce sites, photography sites and blogging.

WooCommerce is probably the best theme for e-commerce. On the other hand, Oshine, Uncode, and Jevelin are some of the great photography WordPress themes. For food websites, you can try Foodie Pro, Foodica and Neptune.

    7.   Not choosing a multilingual theme

A large number of themes don’t come with the multilingual facility. If you are intending to create a website in a language other than English – check if your selected theme is multilingual supported.

If you are currently developing a website in English but have plans to reach users in a different language in future, it is time to choose a multilingual website theme. Additionally, ensure that your theme is translation ready.

     8.  Not considering the theme’s loading speed

Average loading speed of a website should be within five seconds. However, most of the users want to load a website in the mobile phone within two seconds. It is hard to match such demand when you have a heavy website.

Hence, try to find a light theme that supports your functionality yet load within five seconds. Many premium themes are available with a light and simple structure to meet your need.

   9.   Picking up an older version theme

Buying older version theme could be the greatest blunder you can make while choosing your theme. Always go for updated latest versions because the updated versions are already improved by the developers for multiple times, which make them ‘hacking-proof’.

Buying older version theme can make you vulnerable to the hackers.

    10. Not paying attention to SEO friendliness

WordPress theme is popular for supporting SEO. Yes – most of the popular WordPress themes are built on the basis of SEO. SEO friendly themes are a bonus to support your SEO strategy and boost your ranking in Google SERP.

For beginners, it is difficult to analyze theme’s source and codes. However, to create an amazing website, you first need to choose a great theme. Your website theme should be impressive enough to engage your customers and guide them throughout the buyer’s decision making.

Therefore, buy premium themes where the WordPress development team makes sure that the theme is SEO ready.

wordpress themes

Have you made any other mistakes to add to this list? Share them in the comment box below.


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